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This week's SOD and SOW both feature interviews with Bryan R. Dattilo about the Lucas/Chloe/Daniel story.

Lucas is out with Allie at the park, and they run into Chloe. Lucas has a difficult time with this, because Allie and Chloe have a strong bond. Lucas and Chloe talk and admit they have feelings for each other, but there are still issues between them.

Chloe then sits and cries on a park bench, and Lucas and Allie leave. Lucas then goes to the Brady pub, where he has his first drink in years. Melanie sees him and mentions it in passing to Maggie. Maggie rushes to find Lucas.

Maggie catches Lucas at the Cheatin' Heart, after he'd been drinking at the pub. Lucas is devastated that Chloe ended their relationship, and he tells Maggie he doesn't know why Chloe would have done this. Maggie then tells him about Chloe and Daniel's affair. "He is floored, though he did have a little suspicion," Dattilo says.

Lucas is upset that Maggie didn't tell him this sooner, and he yells at Maggie. According to Dattilo, "The Emmy Award-winning Suzanne Rogers is great, and Maggie turns the tables on Lucas. She says she'll start drinking if he does." Lucas tells her not to, and he feels bad that someone else is endangering herself because of him.

Lucas wants to call Chloe and talk to her, but he is so drunk that he can't dial the right number. Maggie stops him, but then Lucas tells Maggie he doesn't need a phone, because he's going to talk to Chloe face-to-face. Lucas then fakes passing out, and when Maggie is outside pulling the car around, Lucas leaves to go looking for Daniel.

When Lucas gets to Daniel's apartment, Chloe and Daniel are inside. Lucas pounds on the door and says, "You slept with Chloe while my mom was in the hospital. How could you? If you're a man, face me."

However, Lucas doesn't realize it, but there is a gas leak right outside Daniel's door! "Something happens and he blows up," says Dattilo. Dattilo says that "rumor is" that Lucas's life hangs in the balance "and everyone gets to go visit him again." Dattilo jokes that he likes to play Lucas as injured because "you can actually sleep on camera and get paid."

On the question of whether Lucas can forgive Chloe, Dattilo says that it would be hard to forgive her, "but Lucas probably does because he probably feels bad he jumped off the wagon and wants to do the right thing and feel good about himself, so if he looks the other way, everyone will think he's this great guy. He's an idiot with a heart; that's what I am playing."
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