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This week's SOW features an interview with Molly Burnett about the Melanie/Philip/Stephanie story.

Burnett tells SOW that Melanie's objective is to get Philip for herself. Philip sees Melanie and EJ talking on the pier, and he sees EJ giving Melanie money. Philip asks Melanie what it was about, but Melanie says it was nothing. As Burnett says, "She's playing coy, but Philip knows what's going on."

Melanie then says that she won't go through with the deal with EJ if Philip leaves Stephanie. "It's almost a little chicky-flicky," says Burnett. Melanie tells Philip that she accepts him for who he is, but Stephanie only likes the "nice guy" part of Philip. Melanie likes all of him.

SOW says that "Philip rebuffs Melanie and vows to destroy her if she double-crosses him." Burnett explains that this is Melanie's "first vulnerable moment with Philip". Melanie is going to keep trying to get Philip, because she believes it's meant to be that they'll be together. "It's just going to take longer than she expected."

EJ later tells Melanie that he's aware that she's using the fuels project to win Philip. Melanie lies and says that she doesn't care about Philip, and she wants to work with the DiMeras.

Philip then confronts EJ, and EJ declares himself the winner. But then, Philip has a new plan, and he goes to Maggie's to see Melanie. He tells Melanie that she's the one he's always wanted, and he kisses her just as Stephanie walks in. Stephanie leaves, devastated.

Melanie doesn't buy it, but she goes along with it because she wants to make Stephanie angry. Burnett says, "After Stephanie leaves, Melanie is like, 'Look Philip, I know you're using me. Stephanie's an idiot, but I'm not. Don't trip on your way out.'"

Later, Stephanie comes back and slaps Melanie! Melanie is furious, and the two end up fighting.

As for Melanie's plan in light of the fact that she and Stephanie want the same man, Burnett says: "Melanie wants the project with EJ to go through so she can have money and maybe start over. She still wants to stick it to Philip. She's upset with him, but she hasn't given up on him. She's determined to get Philip."
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