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Shove your crappy show where the sun don't shine, Corday!

Feb 11 2009, 05:05 AM
I guess I am the only viewer that thinks the reason why Hope feels like she had to be away from Beau for a while is because she feels so guilty for shooting Kayla because Kayla is a BFF and sis-in-law to Hope and Hope loves Kayla dearly.

Hope is living in a mental hell knowing that if the bullet had been a fraction off, it would have gone into Kayla's heart instead of the pericardium sack/membrane around Kayla's heart that the doctors were able to patch. It was too close to killing Kayla and Hope is not dealing with it very well.

IMHO, Hope would be grieving deeply and feeling horrible guilt for shooting Kayla and trying to deal with it all in her mind. Hope is transferring some of her anger and guilt to Beau because she believes Beau could have warned her or stopped it from happening and that is making Hope not want to be around him.

He is a big reminder and she feels sort of betrayed from him not telling her because, in her mind, he could have spared her from the living mental hell she is facing and she, for now, cannot stand to be around Beau.

I'm basing this on some real psychological human tendencies. Parents that split up because one parent slipped up and didn't protect their child and the child wandered off and got hurt so the other parent moves out for a time until they can get a handle on the anger and betrayal one feels for the other.

It does happen that way even in couples with solid marriages and long lasting marriages. They end up needing counseling sometimes.

I am not the Days writers, but that seems to be what they are having Hope and Beau do for the moment..

Beau feels like he is going crazy and, although he saved Theo twice, he is unsure of the validity of those visions and how to use them and he pretty much hates them by now.

It is a sad storyline, because the feeling actually happens in real life, but usually in different scenarios, of course.

That's just the way my brain looks at it. Only the writers know where they are going with it. :shrug:

Your post makes more sense than the show. Very well said!
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