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Bo/Hope: Corday says that Bo tells Hope that he had a vision of her making love to another man. Hope tells Bo that this would never happen. "And keep in mind that some of Bo's messages are mixed."[/b]

ROFL!! So this vision Bo has no trouble telling Hope about, but her shooting Kayla had to be kept to himself?

DiMera vs. Kiriakis: "The weight of the story is Victor/Stefano being the titular heads of their immediate families, and how they play out in the midst of this drama and blood war is good." One side suffers a "tragic loss" in this war. Tony is fed up with how Stefano is favoring EJ, so he decides to "strike out on his own" and leave the DiMeras. Stefano is very angry at Tony's disloyalty.[/b]

Nothing new there, LOL!

Lucas/Chloe/Daniel: Lucas survives the explosion, and Chloe asks him to elope, because she is still fighting her feelings for Daniel. Lucas "gets advice from an unlikely source" and agrees. They go to Vegas, but Kate follows and tries to stop them.[/b]

Again, does it matter who Chloe ends up with? Does it matter if Lucas finds out? No story here.
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