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Feb 12 2009, 02:26 AM

These sound great! Well, Nicole/Tony, Stefano/Victor, Luca/Chloe/Daniel sounds great.

Bo/Hope...not so much.
I agree.

I'm officially through with the Bope story. Not to say I won't enjoy some scenes here and there with them but the story blows. I gave it a fair chance and reading this is the final straw. It's funny because it was being discussed last week how the story seems more like a vehicle to split up Bo and Hope then a story about the visions. I guess those who said that were on to something.

I've said it since the start and I really believe it's true...this Bo and Hope story is not Higley. I think this is all Tomlin and Whitesell. Higley is a big Bo and Hope supporter. Look at her first run and even look at her run up until December. She's always kept them together and had them deal with things together. I mean, she had a chance to do a story like this with their trust issues/martial complications twice last year with the Paul Hollingsworth story and then the police commissioners twist but didn't. Yes, Ed was messing with shit during the Paul stuff and the show was just beginning the Tomlin era but she still had her shot. This psychic story has Tomlin/Whitesell camp written all over it. I've seen their work and this is right up there alley. Dena isn't one to think out of the box enough to think of a psychic story.
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