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Feb 11 2009, 02:07 PM

Really looking forward to the fight. I always thought the strong anymosity between Steph and Mel was one of the reason why TPTB decided to split Stax and put them into an orbit with JKJ so they can fight over something bigger then Mel´s brother (and Steph´s uncle).

Sadly this statement may be correct but it just illustrates heavily what is wrong with the show. What Dena and TPTB should be concentrating on why we should root for a couple to be together, instead the emphasis on what keeps them apart. Nobody has considered whether Philip even works well with Melanie before they threw them in scenes together, and then having her be this young tycoon is ridiculous and insulting. We've put up with a lot before when it comes to believability of characters in their jobs, but no way is Melanie who just turned 18 should be able to carry her weight against Philip and EJ on any kind of level, much less a business one.

I was one of the people who wanted Stephanie and Philip together, but as usual, the show takes the one couple who has the most potential for anything and makes them a snoozefest. Philip is the last guy to be "everyone's best pal" and at the minimum it should have taken months for these two to even feel comfortable around each other when you consider his treatment of Morgan and Shelle. Then as they wind up having to work together, family prejudices come out which Philip and Stephanie really weren't aware of (why should they have been) which adds more hesitation on their parts. However, small moments make up for that and it's tough to ignore the underlying attraction.

It's like even when the show gets close to doing something right for a change, they manage to still screw it up.
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