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Well, my thinking is that:

1. Corday probably signed Higley to a two year contract since he has a history of doing that, I think? (Minus, JER, which was more NBC-dictated.)
2. Higley's two years is up in October. It's still Seven months away, but it's still relatively soon.
3. Corday stated the obvious a year or two ago when he acknowledged himself that they change writers every two or so years.

So, my guess is that Corday will nix the last 13 weeks off of her contract. (Writers' contracts have 13 week stipulations, as well, right?) And he'll bring in someone new or just give full reigns to Whitesell. At that point, it will be summer. And Corday will want to do the "summer viewers grab" push. And he'll have the perfect way to do that by spinning a big, creative change like that.
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