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Feb 12 2009, 05:32 PM
some people love daniel and chloe and some people hate them, but they are being talked about left and right and thats what TPTB want.

nadia has a big fan base, with philip, with brady and now with daniel. i dont think she is going anywhere unless she wants to.
I couldn't agree more. Danloe is so polarizing...it's surreal. A doctor being physically attracted to a woman who was his patient, engaged to someone else, and now having mind-blowing sex really is striking a nerve (good and bad). I didn't think this would hit people so hard...one way or the other. After-all, this IS days and there have been a lot more terrible people than Dan...right??

For the record, I never gave Dan a second thought one way or the other when he was with Chlesea OR Kate..I didn't hate him...he was just THERE.

But now, I am totally wrapped up in him and this SL with Chloe.
They have made me WANT to watch Days again, not just FF to get to the Phloe parts (if there are any).

& thank you for the compliment on my first post, phicklover <3.
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