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Apparently this girl auditioned for Days... wonder which part??

UPDATE: We have learned that the character in question is Philip...


Thursday, February 12, 2009
Days of Our Lives Audition

Another interesting experience in LA. I have never auditioned for a soap, ever.. soo this was really amazing for me. And I got to meet Marnie Saitta, the Days of Our Lives CD, who had the most soothing voice ever (turns out she is a VO artist). After receiving the sides Monday afternoon, I was asked to work on set all night on a Nissan Commercial ( I did some commercial background and met some awesome people).... soo I spent all night rehearsing and memorizing the lines. The sides read as if I was playing the GF of one of the other characters... It was a good and meaty 3 page side... I get to the audition at 10:30 AM (after being on set till 5AM, slept for about 3 hours), walk into the audition room, and it turns out that this character was not the GF... she was the sister. mmm... a little bit different but I made it work "on the fly." After reading, Marnie thanked me and said "Drea, thank you so much for being so prepared." And I went on my merry way to my bed to catch up on some missed sleep.

I think the audition went really well... but I go home, look up the character I was supposed to be the half sister of... and he is WHITE, BLONDE, BLUE EYED... hahaha! I mean, it was fine... I was happy to show my body of work, but I highly doubt that I am right for the part. I am asian and so filipino! But anyhow.. still a cool experience and I am getting better and better about "not taking auditions so seriously." I mean, can you blame me.. I had an appointment with my bed (it was calling me to slumber), after a long night.
Posted by Drea at 3:43 PM
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