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Feb 12 2009, 08:46 AM
Feb 12 2009, 07:47 AM
Feb 12 2009, 07:32 AM
"Maggie has more story, Caroline has more story, Stefano and Victor have more story"

Oh really? They are beloved, and for a good reason, but does he really think that those seniors can replace the talents we still had in the show last year? No. The writing sucks, and Mickey and Shawn are already out of picture. Probably they won't give any real storyline for the seniors.
As far as acting goes, those four are all better than Drake.
I have to agree and I can't see how anyone can argue that point ...
I would certainly argue that point. Imo, you're comparing apples to oranges. Aside from Stefano, you are comparing background actors who have basically played the same character for years without really changing much and who for the most part had ample time to prepare for their scenes, read their lines, etc vs a leading character who last year was changed constantly.

I'll probably always love Drake best as Roman, but I still think early last year, he did an amazing job rebuilding John yet again. It's a shame that the writing was so all over and that with his firing at the end of the year, I think it took a toll on him. Overall, he was very good last year. What exactly did these other characters do that was so awesome? I still remember Maggie's rather boring green speech being one of the major things she was involved with before she did get some nice use with Nick's departure, but again, she was playing the character she's played for twenty years without much real change to the character over that time.

I loved JKJ and JS as Phillip and EJ over the years, but there were several times I felt they were lackluster last year as well. At one time, I was very fond of the character of Ej, but he was almost boring by the end of the year. I felt that even PR and KA struggled with their material quite a bit last year as well I blame the directionless and back and forth, non-sensical writing making it difficult for the 'main' characters to really know what direction they were going so they were limited, and it showed. Despite the wonkyness, I think Drake handled some pretty awful writing and day to day change of direction well up until the end of the year. He was interesting and fun to watch, and even now looking back, he had a lot of great scenes that he nailed beautifully.

Over the years, I've seen many times where actors' performances were off due to abysmal storylines. I like SR, PM, JM, and JA, and think they are wonderful actors that I've loved over the years, but I think it's somewhat unfair to compare people who are stable staple characters playing pretty much the same thing over and over with ample time to prepare and no wonkyness to deal with to someone who's evolved alot, dealing with writing that changed on a daily basis last year.

I do hope the few remaining vets get more airtime and better stories, and I'm hoping that the vets who have been let go will move on to better things. It's been wonderful not having to watch Days, but I do miss seeing my actors that I enjoyed over the years, particularly Drake, Deidre, Joe, Thaao, and Leann (I know she wasn't used much, but I've always loved her as Anna).
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