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Donīt think thatīs true at all. The writing for Morgan and Phillip got suddenly much better the week or so when we saw the episodes written by Scott and his "writers." They finally acknowledged Morgan more than an afterthought and there was the potential conflict between her and Kate.

Next, Scott is fired, Higley gots the power and Morgan suddenly disappears for almost two weeks before she is finally written out. And Phillip seems to be in love with Chloe again.

And there is the Olympic fantasy again written by Higley, where Morgan didnīt appear at all and Phillip had scenes with Chloe which was really weird as Phillip/Morgan relationship just started heating up and it was weird the show didnīt use the story to promote their love more.

I was a fan of Phillip/Morgan, but even when they finally got together the writing was really awfull for them. Everything was so rushed and they never even attempted to turn Morgan into an important part of the canvas, she always stuck out. I think that would hardly happen if they were Higleyīs favorites.
Yep, I would totally agree with you. There isn't a doubt in my mind that the actress playing Morgan was Scott's "pet," and he forced Higley to put Philip and Morgan together. Because the second that Higley was free of Scott, the very first thing she did was to break up Phorgan, have Morgan sent off canvas permanently and take steps toward putting Phloe back together. When Higley took over from Hogan, she started writing sexual tension between Phloe and had them heating things up at the plane crash, which I don't think Hogan intended to do - it seems obvious from statements made that he planned on a very, very long quadrangle with Shelle and Phloe.

I can only assume then that Tomlin is the one who put a kibosh on Phloe this go round. The good Phloe we've gotten in the past I think has been due to Higley.
Wow...Okay, this is so off base. Tomlin was the one who got rid of KR. (there were rumors she might have been the blind item but I don't think that's why she was fired) JKJ even gave that interview in SOD saying that he wanted to try Phloe again.

Someone spoke up against it. My guess is that Dena complained to Corday that another producer was interferring with her "vision."

Hogan was the one who had set up Shelle and Phloe before he left DOOL.
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