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Feb 12 2009, 11:45 PM
Just another example of how over exposed she has become.. Too much exposure can be bad for an actor, people see too much of you and they get sick of you.. It's already happened for many w/ this character. I think Ari is very talented but like everyone else, she has become over exposed.
You know, I think the overexposed actress is Ali Sweeney. The whole witness protection storyline was completely unnecessary, and yet we were subjected to her non-acting ability day in and day out. How much whining, ugly crying, and hystrionics can one take from a character??? At least Ari Zucker was interesting to watch and made some really stupid storyline twists compelling. I hated the Nicole character the entire time she was on the show the first time around, and since Ari's return last April, she's made Nicole so much fun to watch. If anyone is overexposed and needs to give us viewers a rest it's AS --- oh, and MB too -- she's not only overkill but she's an even worse actress than Ali.
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