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Love the fake T-shirt. Love the Dilbert comic way the heck upthread.

If Days is trying to upend trueloveforever so the writers are free to pursue alternate pairings they're going way too far in the opposite direction, imho. I don't believe that anyone really loves each other. I'm not convinced they even like each other. Sometimes, I'm not even feeling the lust. They need to friggin' write one thing properly and then worry about the future. Would that they were so lucky to stumble into another Bo/Hope, John/Marlena, Patch/Kayla that captures viewer attention for years

About Bjorlin...Bjorlin bugs the crap out of me. Rather, the fact that she gets paid to "act" while others go hungry bugs the crap out of me. She created a void of suck when she first appeared and she hasn't improved in the decade since. I've heard she's attractive but from my perspective she's too plastic-looking, sometimes too orange, and the pounds of hair piled on her head is distracting (which- maybe she has trouble emoting because her neck is sore from holding that shit up). Nothing against her personally, I'm sure she's a lovely human being. I would just rather she be lovely somewhere else, 'cause the idea of her making money doing this makes me angry.

As far as Daniel/Chloe generating buzz- no doubt there's buzz. That's not anything Higley or anyone else did, and it has nothing to do with the actors either, imho. Two arguably attractive people screwing on-screen will bring attention. There's a whole damn industry based on the same premise. Showtime/HBO have banked on it for years. And if all Days has left is softcore porn, they could at least do a better job of it.
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