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That's nice that she claims her personal feelings in no way influence how she feels about how her character would react and feel and how she didn't quit over not getting Chan, but I find it a little disingenuous of her to say that when she's also on record in her blog saying this:

As for me, I am currently going on my 30th hour of euphoria here in my new residence on Cloud 9, and as if that encounter wasn't enough, all I did this morning at work was make out with Shawn Christian. He constantly joked about how I was picturing David Cook instead of him during our scenes...isn't adorable how nieve he is? I swear, the guy has no idea how charming and adorable he is, not to mention just the coolest person I've possibly ever worked with.


I mean, it's fine with me that she liked working with Shawn Christian, even though I hated their storyline, but to say her personal emotions don't affect how she feels about her story . . . well, I wouldn't believe that even if she weren't on record gushing about SC.

I like RM fine, her blogs are cute, and though I didn't like the character much I think losing RM is a loss for the show due to her talent. But again, I do find this blog disingenuous.

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