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Feb 13 2009, 11:32 AM
Feb 13 2009, 10:13 AM
Hypocrisy? Hardly. I think enough posters had explained that the reason they don't mind Ari on so much is because she's such a fine actress. Compound that by the fact that Alison has been over-exposed for YEARS not months and you can see why people complained about Alison being on too much:
In 2005 AS ranked 4th.
For 2006 she ranked 3rd.
In 2007 AS ranked 1st. (possibly the worst acting by AS was done this year)
And while Alison only ranked 8th for 2008 she had been doing double duty on two NBC shows and hitting PR pretty hard so it seemed like there was no escape from AS in 2008.

At least those posters are owning up to their hypocrisy that they don't mind Ari on all the time because they like her and complained about the "Sami show" because they didn't like Sami ... but it is a double standard none the less! Then there are those who complained about the balance before Vets backburned and such - but are suddenly ok with the "Nicole show" even though the Vets were even backburned even worse and have even been fired! Just keeping it real!
There is nothing hypocritical with a poster saying that they don't mind Ari being on so much because they are enjoying her work.
Again, you can't compare Ari and Alison's exposure because Alison disastrous time on the front burner lasted YEARS.

My objection to Alison's over-exposure had to do with the length of time she was on the front burner, the lack of quality of her acting and my distaste for the story lines that have revolved around her.

I haven't grown tired of Nicole yet. I'm not saying that it can't happen I'm just saying that it hasn't happened yet.
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