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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Again, you can't compare Ari and Alison's exposure because Alison disastrous time on the front burner lasted YEARS.

My objection to Alison's over-exposure had to do with the length of time she was on the front burner, the lack of quality of her acting and my distaste for the story lines that have revolved around her.

It is an unfair comparison, because going back to the original post Ari is quickly approaching a level of 'over exposure' that Ali has never achieved. Unless things change in a hurry, Ari is going to join the elite group of 'over exposed' actors in the history of the show. :$

It's quite clear that your distaste for Ali Sweeney and/or the character of Sami makes it hard for you to enjoy her scenes - and that's fine. I happen to feel the opposite - I think she's an excellent actress and it would seem her tenure on the show and the fact that she has been featured in so many stories would support that others feel the same way.
Ari and Ali are both extremely talented and when given compelling material I think they both soar. But if I were given a choice as to who I prefer to see on screen I would pick Ali any day of the week. I realize that is not the popular opinion around here - but I'm certain I would not be alone in that opinion elsewhere.
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