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I never thought RM was leaving because she didn't get Chan. But I do believe she's responsible a great deal for people's "assumptions" she was pushing the Chan story first and foremost. Her gushing on getting to make out with SC was just the beginning.

I also think the remarks where she personally mentioned how she didn't want Chick back together (or thought it wrong for the character because it was a 'regression') also helped propel she was pushing her own agenda. As a Chick fan, those comments really broke my heart because it seemed to say, "I'm the actress of the character and I know best". She might not have intended it that way, and maybe even the journalist screwed the quote(s) up. But rumors are still floating around she and BB didn't get along BTS, and everything we saw on screen and off seemed to support.

That said, it's her blog and her right to say whatever she wants. I want to state I never felt she was leaving because of Chan and I had applauded her move to leave. Days is a sinking ship and I think RM is a talented actress who can move on to bigger and better things if she heads somewhere else. But I think she's young and inexperienced and can't help let her opinion shine through, especially in personal blogs (which honestly I think came through in this blog as well). As she gets older, she might realize how to balance her professional and personal life better.

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