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Feb 13 2009, 12:07 PM
I wasn't trying to make the point that she quit over not getting Chan. My point was that she expressly said she didn't let personal emotions get in the way of how her character would feel, when she's on record talking about how SC being the "coolest person she's possibly ever worked with." I'm neither a Chelsea nor a Chick fan so I don't know where she said it, but I do recall her making some comments that upset Chick fans, about how it made no sense for Chelsea to go back to Nick (even though "first love/true love" is a staple of soaps).

So it wasn't just a one time "isn't my co-star hot" thing, it's a mix of comments she's made in the past. That's why it's a little naive of her at best to claim she doesn't understand where these ideas come from. I believe her when she says she didn't quit over not getting a particular story--there are plenty of reasons to quit DOOL, after all--but I do believe she was unhappy when Chan ended. The only time I've ever seen her blatantly phone something in (IMO) was the breakup scenes when she found out about grannysex. Those fell totally flat.
I totally get what you are saying Paxton. I don't think she quit because she didn't get the Chan storyline, but I think it's pretty naive of her to wonder why people might speculate that was the reason given her very public propping of the Chan storyline. I've never seen her really gush about another pairing and she was critical of any reuniting of Chick, so it's pretty easy to see how some folks might think that the loss of Chan influenced her decision to leave.

I'm sure she's a professional and wouldn't let personal feelings interfere with her work on the show (mostly) but that doesn't mean that she didn't prefer a particular storyline/pairing and that her preferences didn't come through in her blog entries.

Nonetheless, I wish RM nothing but the best in the future. She's a good actress and I hope she finds success elsewhere.
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