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Feb 13 2009, 01:03 PM
I think all Rachel was doing was pushing the story she was involved in. That's what actors normally do. Just listen to Kristian Alfonso and Peter Reckell praise this shit they're doing now. Deidre Hall did the same thing with the crap Reilly threw at her years ago. You have a job to promote your story and I think that's all Rachel was doing.
See, I would see it that way had she not went all "gaga" over SC and talked ad naseum about about how hot he was and things like that.

Now, let me just say, I never once said it was a certainty that she left because of lack of airtime or because of the Daniel story being cut. However, I do believe they were reasons. Am I wrong? Maybe. I'm not acting like I'm a prophet nor do I think anyone else who made similar claims was. People have a right to make those claims. Is it making assumptions? Yeah but there is nothing wrong with that when you have valid reasons to do so. Some of her blog entries and the way her acting was during the end of Chelsea/Daniel are valid reasons. That is what people were basing their assumption on and I can't blame them. They had reason to make those claims and to be suspicious. If some disagree and don't see it the same way, fine but I think it's wrong to act like those who made those claims were wrong to make them and that they didn't have basis to make them. No, we may not know Rachel personally but you do get to know a person through their performances. She's been with the show for 4 years. She's also been blogging for a time so that is another way you feel you get to know her. Having said that, when you see her giving what you in your opinion perceive is terrible performances and start seeing her in her blog really being over the top (in my view) with her comments then it becomes clear to someone that something is wrong.

Frankly, her performance during the Chelsea/Daniel breakup and Kate reveal was atrocious. Some of the worst performances she's ever had and this is coming from an actress who has been excellent for a few years now. Not to mention she never pushed stories the way she pushed the Chelsea/Dan story IMO. Yes, she was a cheerleader for the show and sold her stories but not the same way she did with Chelsea/Dan. I still remember the blog entry she had around the time they broke up. Her tone was somber and she was really pushing for people to write in on Chan's behalf. She never acknowledged the idea that some may not like them or that the show knew better. She came off like she knew better. Now, again, that is just my view and others had a similar view. I don't think it's wrong to make it. People have their reasons, including me. I mean, she never seemed gung ho about Chick getting back together and at Day of Days she didn't seem overly enthusiastic about Chelsea and Max getting together again either. She has a right to feel that way. As I said, though, those are some of the reasons people think there is more to this then just her going out for new opportunities. I think that is a factor but she always said in interviews she wanted to be challenged and would stay as long as that was the case. Maybe part of why she feels she's learned everything is because she isn't being challenged, which can be attributed to some of the reasons people are mentioning.

There is nothing wrong with making assumptions based on what you see, read, etc. It's one thing to just assume based on no evidence at all but, if a person believes they have evidence (and people did believe this and with good reason), then there is nothing wrong with it. I don't think there is anything wrong with it either way. People make assumptions about Days and about the storylines all the time, some completely unfounded and some before anything even airs. Same thing goes here. It's not wrong to do so and I don't think it matters if you know her personally. After 4 years of seeing her onscreen, reading her interviews and blogs, seeing her in clips and interviews from fan events and such, I think people feel they at least know her enough to make claims such as the ones that were made.

Now I'm glad Rachel addressed the claims head on. Good for her. Some run away from things like that and I hate that. She came out and in a classy, through, respectful way she made her case. Doesn't mean I believe her because, in all honesty, why would she admit she hated her lack of screentime or the show? Why would she admit she hated that the Chelsea/Dan story ended? She doesn't want to burn bridges nor does she want to make herself look bad, especially right now. For me, you just have to put things in context and that is why I'm not going to act like her word is 100% Gospel just because she made her case here. I still believe in the claims I've made, although maybe not so much the one about her airtime. I give her credit for not whining profusely like others have about airtime and I don't think that bothered her too much, if at all. Whatever the case, I'm not trying to convince anyone that I'm right nor do I think anyone else making these claims is. I'm not even sure I'm right LOL. I believe I am but I'm not naive enough to think I could be wrong. I'm open to both sides of the issue. I just lean more on one side then the other.

It's just people's view of what she said and how she acted and people have a right to do that, even if it is assuming. Even if Rachel was unhappy and if she left because of some of the reasons I and others claimed, she has that right. I won't bash her on it. It's actually reasonable and she has a right to her opinion. Just like she has a right to the stuff she writes in her blog.

I agree with Tripp on the comment she made about Chelsea/Nick. That was the only time I got a bit angry and that is that is the only thing I bashed her on. I don't think she handled the situation with Chick and their fans well at all.

This was a wonderful post by Rachel. Very articulate and thoughtful. I will miss her and believe she will be back. She's talented and it seems she thought alot about this before leaving, which is smart. I've seen so many actors and actresses leave without thinking well about it she seems to have done so. She's always seemed level-headed and mature so no surprise that she would consider her options before making a decision.
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