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Wow...Okay, this is so off base. Tomlin was the one who got rid of KR. (there were rumors she might have been the blind item but I don't think that's why she was fired) JKJ even gave that interview in SOD saying that he wanted to try Phloe again.

Um, no. KR and Scott were fired within days of each other, and Tomlin didn't come on board until later. The mags didn't officially report her leaving until almost two weeks after Scott, but in her exit interview KR said she found out about being off canvas for two weeks and going on a "trip" once her character returned, not knowing whether or not she would remain on the show. On her day back on set she was informed that it would be her last day. Without her champion around to keep her in a frontburner storyline, she was gone. Higley is the one who got KR fired, just like she got Shelle booted because she didn't want to write for them either.

Tom Casiello said Hogan had no intention of doing Shelle and Phloe - they were writing for Phelle and Shawn/Chloe. The direction didn't change until the writer's strike. Given several years it is entirely possible that it eventually would have become Shelle and Phloe again, but that's not where things were headed with Hogan.

Tomlin noticed the Phloe chemistry, but I think because of JKJ dragging his feet with his renewal, the show couldn't potentially start up another storyline that would flame out in a few weeks if he chose to leave. So instead they stuck him with Stephanie and Melanie in mundane and pointless stories just to give him something to do until he decided to re-sign, because it would have been very easy to disentangle him from those stories. Apparently they decided to just continue on with what they had - maybe Tomlin was trying to stop the mid-stream changes with all the relationships and give it some consistency.

As far as I can tell Higley is the only one giving Phloe fans any crumbs at all.
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