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Dr. Chip
Feb 13 2009, 04:50 AM
Veering a bit from the conversation, I think the reason we don't hear from the head writer anymore is because DAYS head writers always get burned when they speak to the media. Hogan learned that lesson after he talked about some of his big plans, only to have them nixed. That's when he stopped talking about the show.

Corday, on the other hand, has no problem lying to everybody. When there's egg on his face, he just wipes it off and tells more lies.

I still can't get over the T-shirt comment. Didn't he also buy T-shirts when JER introduced the SSK and wiped out several characters? It's like every time there's a bloodbath, he buys T-shirts for everybody.

By the way, is he still writing checks to JER's estate or is that relationship over now?
I think your right. I felt so bad for Hogan back then too. I mean, he really shouldn't have came out with all the previews and discussed so much of his plans but he knew the show has been through alot and he was excited. You could tell he was. He had no idea Corday was about to do what he did and piss all over his plans. Not only that but he got jumped on by so many people out of the gate. Fans thought that all he said would come true right away and, when it didn't, they wrote him off immediately. Hogan was screwed from the start, basically.

Higley will once in awhile give a story preview but I don't think we've seen her do a long-term preview. I think because Tomlin has control now, Corday ends up being the mouthpiece. I wish it were the other way around because we already know Tomlin has a vision and that he sill stand behind it with conviction. Corday will just waffle and through shit out there with no attempt to make sense. Just to hype up anything he can is what he tries to do. I think Corday thinks it's better he speaks because this way if he has to get involved or if plans change, no one will know about it. He controls what is said but the moron still screws up because alot of the time half the shit he previews gets changed.
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