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Feb 13 2009, 01:17 PM
Perhaps Chelsea knew something we didn't. I don't know if anything changed between the time Scott left and Tomlin came on, but that was around the time Chelsea started getting involved with the younger crowd again. I think they were going towards a triangle between Chelsea, Nick and Melanie, before Tomlin came on and wanted Nick to be Trent's killer. That was around the time Melvin made those comments. Perhaps, she didn't think that Chelsea should go back to Nick, given the way the storyline was going to go, because maybe she knew that Nick would end up with Melanie in the end. That's fair.

From the interviews and videos we've seen, Melvin and Blake Berris are good good friends. I don't think Melvin has anything against Berris. She has said numerous times in the past that she loves working with him. They click. And perhaps at a time in the future, Melvin would've thought they clicked again. Just, at that time, she didn't feel that Chelsea should end her relationship with Daniel and then go right back to Nick. I could understand where she's coming from with that. That makes Chelsea pretty pathetic, if you ask me. Here, you have this girl that leaves her boyfriend, that would do anything for her, for an older man, and then once he drops her, she's just going to go back to the ex-boyfriend, who is now with a younger girl? That's horrible writing, and I don't think Melvin was in any wrong of calling that a "regression." But you can blame the crappy writing for that.

Nick and Chelsea are a unique couple and they need to have an original writing team writing for them in order to work. Hogan Sheffer and his team made this couple quirky, funny, cute, etc. all at once. And it worked. The minute Higley's writing team came on board, Nick became nothing but the smart kid, and Chelsea became the girlfriend that's no longer interested. They became pretty one note, if you ask me. So I don't blame her for not wanting to go back to that with the current writing team in control.
No, because RM was quite explicit that she had no idea what direction was going in for Chelsea and the show at the time it was obvious they were going for a triangle between Nick with the two girls. Why else have Chelsea witness Melanie kiss Nick? Later we had Chelsea be jealous watching Mick together which Stephanie called her on it.

The show decided to change directions and they put Chelsea with Max and Melanie with Philip. Nick was given the pink slip and easy out for Trent's murder. My guess this came from Tomlin because the timing works out when he arrived. RM's comments against Chick were way before then but obviously at the end of Chan. It just sounded like bitter grapes but gave no concern to how any fans who still liked Chick might feel reading her remarks.
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