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Feb 14 2009, 04:19 AM
Oh, I won't deny that it's not distracting nor that it does not have an effect. I just think it bothers some more then others.

I try not to focus too much on superficial things like that. Maybe that is not the best word to describe what I'm trying to say but it's all I got. I can tolerate actors and actresses looking like shit or special effects sucking or whatever if I, personally, feel the stories are good and I'm engrossed by the characters and what is going on.
Well, I guess I watch certain shows for good writing and good production. Personally, I think they go hand-in-hand. Good production can really enhance a story and I love seeing a show that's really put together well with all the T's cross and the I's dotted.

Maybe I'm just noticing the bad production Days lately because the writing is such crap. If I'm not interested in what's happening with the characters, it's like I lose interest and just start looking around the screen for signs of shortcuts and cheapness, LoL.
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