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Feb 14 2009, 09:51 AM
Why can't soaps do good special effects? Don't say budget because they have always sucked at SE, at least Days has.
Soaps with bigger budgets then Days have been worse or just as bad with special effects so, your right. Budget does not make much difference but I do think soaps don't have the capability that a primetime show has. They can't go to the network and ask for the proper resources needed to make the special effects look great. Soaps never have been able to and I don't think many expect them to. I don't think you watch soaps if you expect the same kind of production values as films or even a primetime drama. Sure, soaps can make a soap look great via good lighting, directing, etc but I don't think they can ever come close to creating a fantastic special effects display nor do I think they want to. They would have to spend too much of their budget to pull it off and no way is that happening in today's climate.

That is why GH went to the computer generated stuff because it seemed easier and more efficient. It looks fake as hell at times because it's basically a very low grade version of the kind of stuff films do but, for soaps, it's a better system then pretty much anyone has and that says alot because GH is very hit or miss, mostly miss, on special effects.
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