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Feb 13 2009, 03:33 AM
If Days is trying to upend trueloveforever so the writers are free to pursue alternate pairings they're going way too far in the opposite direction, imho. I don't believe that anyone really loves each other. I'm not convinced they even like each other. Sometimes, I'm not even feeling the lust. They need to friggin' write one thing properly and then worry about the future. Would that they were so lucky to stumble into another Bo/Hope, John/Marlena, Patch/Kayla that captures viewer attention for years
I don't think they really stumbled into anything, though. Each of those pairings was so deliberate. I love the eighties couples, but after watching the last few years, I feel like their chemistry is way overemphasized, and their story taken for granted. As an actor, you can do a lot more if you know where your character and your story are headed, and you have some assurance that the show is committed to seeing it through.

So many characters and pairings have been cut off at the knees recently.
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