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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Feb 15 2009, 09:15 AM
What makes you think Sami fans loved every minute of her domination? The fact that Ari's character is fast approaching a milestone that Ali's character has not shows that people who are sick of Nicole being the featured character have a valid point.

And even if some Sami fans did enjoy all the things Sami did, and aren't happy with Nicole, plenty of Nicole fans have said flat out that they're okay with the Days of Nicole's Life because they enjoy Nicole/Ari.
Great post! I am one who feels that featuring any single actor as much as both Ali and Ari have been featured is a disservice to the show as a whole. There are many other characters that I see far too little of - notably, Tony and Anna. What a shame they were brought back and given virtually nothing to do. A completely wasted opportunity - and it could have been easily rectified because there were lots of options to include them in the current storylines.

I was not much of a Jarlena fan - but I was really enjoying the time last Spring when they had Jarlena and EJami living in the mansion together and we saw some fun interaction with characters like Rolf. Again, Tanna would have been a great addition there and it would have been utilizing the vets far more than what we've seen in ages. I love Bope (not a fan of the stupid current story - but I love the couple) but I'm sick of seeing them just canoodling at the pub. I've enjoyed the snatches of time we've seen Maggie and I enjoyed the brief period when they gave Caroline more to do than babysit off screen.

Balance is what this show so desperately needs. They have had and continue to have a myriad of talented actors/actresses and it's unfortunate they choose to use many of them so little.
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