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Feb 15 2009, 11:34 AM
Feb 15 2009, 09:15 AM
The fact that Ari's character is fast approaching a milestone that Ali's character has not shows that people who are sick of Nicole being the featured character have a valid point.

Actually, if you read Jason's thread about the sneak peeks through March 20, AZ is now in the same category that AS was already in:

Arianne Zucker (Nicole) appeared in 91 episodes from October 1, 2008-February 28, 2009. She becomes only the 10th actor in "Days" history to appear in at least 91 episodes over a five-month period (joining Kristian Alfonso, Crystal Chappell, Christie Clark, Jason Cook, Eileen Davidson, Deidre Hall, Drake Hogestyn, Austin Peck and Alison Sweeney on the list).

The very first post in this thread stated that IF AZ appeared in every episode until the end of Februrary she would be in the same group with the others:

If she appears in the final 10 episodes of February this year, she will have appeared in 93 episodes over a five-month time frame, joining just five other actors (Kristian Alfonso, Christie Clark, Eileen Davidson, Deidre Hall, Drake Hogestyn) who have accomplished the feat since 1983.

Based on what Jason posted in the other thread, AZ is not in the small select group mentioned in the first post, but instead is in a group with, among others, Alison Sweeney.
As a spoiler free person, I will not be reading sneak peaks, and can only go by what's in this particular thread. If the sneak peaks say we'll be getting some Walker free days, then hallelujah. :hail: I've been enjoying Ari and Nicole on and off, but I don't need to see her story every day.

i don't agree that this is the days of nicole's life show at all. again, she's on for fifteen muinutes a day tops and she is involved in ONE storyline. she has nothing to do with the fuel project, or daniel and chloe, or bo and hope, or phil and stephanie. this is nothing like the summer of ej and sami when there was--literally--only one other storyline on while the rest of the show revolved around those two and their italian/irish counterparts. it's very simple to leave the room when nicole is on or FF through her. again, you really won't be missing much at all.
Okay, lets say she is on for 15 minutes per show. Days is only thirty-seven minutes long without commercials, so that's quite a large chunk of time being devoted to Nicole Walker. The suggestion to just fast forward almost half the show every day (going by your numbers of Nicole getting ~15 min per day) is ridiculous. Why shouldn't I as a Days fan want to see good stories and opportunities to show range and depth for everyone on the show? Now that AS has had her baby, is that the advice you'll be giving out when she's dominating things again? You apparently watched a good section of ejamacus/santeen summer since you're still talking about the lack of balance almost two years later. Whether you feel that that the two situations comparable or not, the fact is that there is hard proof that Nicole is currently getting used in a lot of episodes, and some people simply aren't enjoying it. What's wrong with wanting to see some balance, and some good stories for other characters added to this show? AZ and AS are looked at as sort of a package deal for a few reasons, but really, even if AS had been in a thousand shows in a row, that doesn't detract from the fact that Nicole is being featured often.
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