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Feb 15 2009, 03:35 PM
I never said she had reached it, I said she was "fast approaching" that milestone, which wasn't incorrect based on the information we have here in this thread.
The fact is, though, that AS has reached milestone that AZ has not, through information available on Jason's site that is not spoiler-related. I wanted to be sure that information about AS was clear to anyone reading this thread.

What you originally said was this:

The fact that Ari's character is fast approaching a milestone that Ali's character has not shows that people who are sick of Nicole being the featured character have a valid point.

It was clear you had the opinion that AS had not reached an airtime milestone ahead of AZ in the past. Personally, I think this milestone is somewhat arbitrary, but whatever. I also don't see the connection between saying that AZ having a lot of airtime justifying people being sick of Nicole and AS. I'm sick of AS without it having anything to do with AZ. I was sick of Sami before they brought the character of Nicole back.

I have no problem with people thinking AZ has been on too much. I myself said in this thread that I love her, but the show is having trouble with balance these days. What I do have a problem with is the implication that AZ somehow wouldn't "deserve" her airtime if she reached an arbitrary milestone that Alison Sweeney never had because Sweeney's paid her dues or whatever. Again, nobody should dominate on an ensemble show.
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