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I don't see anyone saying that Sami fans (or anyone who doesn't like Nicole) doesn't have the right to be irritated with her airtime or didn't have the right to complain. Who said that?

I'm saying I don't see why AZ should be criticized for her airtime on the basis that Alison Sweeney had not reached a similar or larger milestone. If you're sick of Nicole because you hate the character, hate her storyline, hate AZ, whatever--all those things I understand. There are characters and actors I can't stand too.

I don't see anyone implying"What I do have a problem with is the implication that AZ somehow wouldn't "deserve" her airtime if she reached an arbitrary milestone that Alison Sweeney never had because Sweeney's paid her dues or whatever". No idea what you inferred that from.

I inferred that from you saying that AZ was reaching a milestone AS had not; I thought you were implying that it was somehow wrong or unfair for someone who had been on the show less time than Sweeney to reach some airtime milestone. I don't see what makes Sweeney special or better (again, this is due in part to my opinion that AZ is a superior actress), therefore, I don't understand why it would matter whether AS had reached an airtime milestone or not. If that isn't what you meant, then I apologize for misunderstanding.
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