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I think there's an assumption that people who like Sami automatically dislike Nicole for taking her time in the spotlight or something. I've been a fan of Sami AND Nicole since those long ago days when they were both spending all their time in the Kiriakis mansion causing trouble for Kate and Lucas. I was thrilled that Nicole was coming back. I don't, however, enjoy seeing Nicole having the same conversations or crying every day any more than I enjoyed Sami crying every day and going from EJ to Lucas to EJ ad nauseam. Or having the same conversation every day with Rafe (although both characters's stories are finally moving. Thank goodness). Like Socr said said, what about Tony and Anna? What about letting some of that time go toward developing John and Marlena's exit story? I felt the same when it was the Chelsea show (another character who I really enjoy).

I don't see anyone saying that Sami fans (or anyone who doesn't like Nicole) doesn't have the right to be irritated with her airtime or didn't have the right to complain. Who said that?
Luvpumkns for one (sorry if I misspelled that!) said s/he feels annoyed when Sami fans complain about the current lack of balance.

As for the milestone, no that's not what I meant. As I said earlier in the thread, I don't begrudge either of them their time in the Sun. Even if I don't enjoy seeing their characters day in day out, they should make the most of it. I wouldn't turn down success in my field.
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