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You are right, luv.
Why are there no issues with JS's constant screen presence? Other than he is such a pansy now (whatever! he was fine with Melanie. Just has a problem when he is in love, that's all), where is the outrage that HE is constantly on screen?

I know my answer. He isn't shoved down my throat by his weekly BL show, or his weekly blog about his shows in addition to his constant on screen presence of screaming at everyone he comes in contact with, not to mention his during Days commercials trying to get me to read his blog on NBC.com.

My point I was trying to make, Aiden, was in MY opinion, it doesn't bother me who is on all the time. Technically, they aren't on that much anyways, just a few minutes in each story, but their acting abilities make a difference in how much I am interested in their story, and being all over the network and internet causes a bit of overexposure for me.

Just because I am proud that AS is milking her primetime 15 minutes of fame, doesn't mean I have to like it.
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