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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Feb 15 2009, 05:12 PM
Well I am fully a Sami AND Nicole fan. They are my two favorite characters. I love it when they share scenes! I love Ali and I love Ari equally, however, when it comes to acting chops, I think Ari takes Ali. I enjoy watching Nicole more often than Sami because I feel that the character of Nicole, and Ari's acting, has more range and depth than Sami/Ali (at least recently). When Sami is on day in and day out, it feels repetitive and annoying. When Nicole is on day in and day out, it feels layered and range-y (for lack of a better word). This is only MY OPINION, of course, I realize there are others who feel that Nicole is a worthless character and they hate every minute she is on screen .... I feel fairly certain that should she be paired with Brady next year, she will garner a whole "new" flock of fans, though. ;) Which is understandable because we are often affected by our feelings about our favorites. I freely admit that I hated EJ when he was dominating Sami's life/story ... and once he was paired with Nicole I found him much more enjoyable. Those who want EJ with Sami are likely to find Nicole more enjoyable if/when she is paired with someone else, too. I'm not critisizing it, just expecting it because it makes sense. I think all of the hulabaloo over Ari's "overexposure" rings very familiar to when JS was on ALL THE TIME, and in EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER'S stories, and the EJ-haters (myself included) complained about how much he was on, while the EJ-lovers ate up all his screen time .... so .... to each their own. *shrug*
Great post. I completely agree with most of what you said. I do think Ari has proven what a talented actress she is - and while I think she has had incredible material to showcase that talent, a lesser actress would not have pulled it off anywhere near as well as she has. So I give her major props. She had managed to make me both love and hate Nicole - I hate what her influence has done to the character of EJ (basically, IMO, he's been majorly dumbed down and emasculated) but I also realize that his efforts to become a better man for Sami managed to dilute alot of why I initially loved the guy. So somewhere in between what he is with Nicole and what he became in trying to secure a future with Sami is the EJ I want on my screen. I know myself and my EJami loving heart well enough to know that I fully believe he could easily be that man with the Sami we saw before they tried to turn her in to the show's heroine (which is a complete re-write of her character, as well) but I realize it ultimately comes down to the writers.

Regardless, I love Ari and Ali in their scenes together and I am very much looking forward to that. I would have liked to have seen them sharing more screen time since Ari came back last Spring but thus far we've not gotten a lot of that. No doubt as the baby switch story moves to it's ultimate conclusion they'll have more interaction. It will be interesting to see them play it out.
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