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Feb 15 2009, 08:00 PM
Feb 15 2009, 04:29 PM
Luvpumkns for one (sorry if I misspelled that!) said s/he feels annoyed when Sami fans complain about the current lack of balance.

As for the milestone, no that's not what I meant. As I said earlier in the thread, I don't begrudge either of them their time in the Sun. Even if I don't enjoy seeing their characters day in day out, they should make the most of it. I wouldn't turn down success in my field.
i did say that, but perhaps i didn't explain myself well enough. i don't see anyone complaining about james scott being overexposed, yet he has appeared in more episodes this month (and most other months) than nicole has. i just feel most(though not all) of of the sami fans complaining don't really care about balance, they just hate nicole. if this was a balance issue, this discussion should include james scott, but his name NEVER comes up when people discuss balance and character overexposure.
The same question could be asked of Nicole fans, or any fans really. Except maybe the Lucas fans. Perhaps JS's acting is so sublime that no one notices his over-exposure. Or, maybe he's getting the same pass that Nicole is being given here- EJ might be on a lot but he's layered and usually interesting and JS is a good actor, so people let it slide. It's probably a combination, and also, imo, since Nicole got pregnant, this has been her story, and others were supporting characters in it. Now that Sami's coming back, she'll probably take center stage in the baby story soon, and later EJ will be the focus (probably when the secrets come out).

Sort of like when Sami became savior of the Bradys. EJ and Lucas were along for the ride, but it was Sami's story. Eventually, EJ and Lucas moved into the spotlight, but Sami was still an important piece of the puzzle.
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