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Viewing Single Post From: DAYS:Spoilers for wk of February 23rd
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Streetcorner Philosopher

Wait- Sami lies about her baby being stillborn? Random, and very fucked up.

I'm thoroughly confused by that storyline, though. The mayor's killer is gone now, yes? And that's why she can come back from Witness Protection (which was starting to remind me of Three's Company when Suzanne Somers pissed off the network and her character only appeared in phone calls she taped by herself)?

So the baby is being left at the convent because...she's randomly afraid of Stefano (a man who once complimented her deviousness)...even though there's already one baby the Dimeras know about, that she left somewhere to go into hiding?

And when she goes back to retrieve it...is she going to stay away another 9 months and say it's Rafe's baby or something?

I just don't get it. Sami is smarter than this when it comes to this sort of thing.

Can't wait to see people get revenge on Chloe.
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