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Feb 17 2009, 11:16 AM
Feb 17 2009, 11:04 AM
Feb 17 2009, 10:16 AM
I find it interesting that the only people I know (or read on message boards about) that call it rape are those who want Sami with Lucas or EJ with Nicole. Amazing how the EJOLES don't mind the fact that EJ, the Rapist when he is with Sami, is perfect with their beloved Nicole.
Before there was even an EJole, I thought it was rape too. In fact, EJami never interested me so I didn't watch it when it happened. I do remember a friend calling me asking me if I knew that EJ had raped Sami. This friend is a general audience fan of the show who doesn't get online and ship for any particular couple. So there's a non Lumi/EJole fan example for ya. It's much harder to argue that it wasn't rape than it is to assume it was. The reason is because anytime a woman is unwillingly forced or coerced to have sex with someone, it's considered rape.

And as far as us EJOLES accepting EJ for Nicole even though he raped Sami - all I'll say is that for many people there is something twisted about a rapist and their victim falling in love. Yes, even in soapland. I personally find it quite disgusting and out of character for Sami. Also, I LOVE Jack Deveraux but I could have never accepted him and Kayla together either. I think characters who've committed vile crimes are much more redeemable when they are paired with someone other than their victims.
Here's the deal - not ALL of us believe this happened (your quote below) so not ALL of us believe it was rape.

The reason is because anytime a woman is unwillingly forced or coerced to have sex with someone, it's considered rape.

Your Jack/Kayla analogy is incorrect in my opinion as that was rape and it was HORRIBLE and VIOLENT. She had ABSOLUTELY no choice.

You could never have believed in Jack and Kayla because they never had real romance - she married him to help save his life even though she already loved Steve. He got mad when he found out a raped her.

When bonehead Lucas left Sami, she had a lovely romance with EJ that the EJAMI's will never forget and they almost made love on several occasions. Their potential as a great supercouple was always there - and obviously for myself and numerous others - continues to be.

ps. Sami had a relationship with Austin, (I believe they were engaged) years after she took advantage of him. Did that really make you sick too?
I only responded to your post because you specifically questioned how EJolers accepted EJ with Nicole even though he raped Sami. I'm not an EJami fan so clearly I don't see them the way you do. I never watched EJ and Sami prior to the rape and it totally sucks that Days chose that route and hurt their fans. But I have to view them as is and not what they could have been.

There is something disturbing to me personally when I see people comparing the "details" of two different rape incidents. I imagine that no form of rape is a good rape for the victim. Is there an actual word for what went on in that car with EJ and Sami? It can be dissected all day long. But what happened was clearly criminal and menacing. That's not necessarily the good stuff relationships are built upon.

And yeah, it did make me sick that Austin would be with Sami after what she did. It was totally unbelievable and Sami being with EJ is just as unconvincing.
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