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Feb 17 2009, 11:49 AM
The bottom line is that if were rape they did a horrible job selling it ... because if it were rape IMO there should be no debate. WE all should have seen it as rape - there should be no question about it. Horribly written! doors and windows were left open ... I would love this issue to go away but whenever EJ enter's Sami orbit the word RAPE is used like a weapon. And the issue of RAPE is misused IMO.
Fictional soap couples have consensual sex all of the time. Sometimes the scenes are aired and sometimes they kiss the scene goes dark but the viewers know that they had sex because we see them in bed afterward or because they talk about it or because the show refers to it.

We didn't see the entire rape scene but JS, AS and Corday call it rape and at the end of the day the show is in control and I could live without ever seeing a flashback of EJ forcing himself on Sami.

I'll just take their word for it.
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