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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Feb 17 2009, 11:58 AM
Feb 17 2009, 11:36 AM
Feb 17 2009, 11:06 AM

Quoting limited to 3 levels deepDENA HIGLEYNo matter how you slice it, that scene was written as a rape.
As long as you are a fan of a couple because you really like them and not just because it is keeping EJ away from Lucas and Sami.

I don't like EJOLE because I am an EJAMI fan. At least I can admit it. I am not a LULOE fan though just because I want Lucas away from EJAMI. That would be hypocritical and that's the difference.

I know you are a LUMI fan so I question your real affection for EJOLE. Maybe you do like them or maybe you really like that EJ is temporarily unavailable to Sami.
Well and that is just fine and perfectly understandable. Just like all the Luloe fans that DID show up (albeit very temporarily) the second Lucas hooked up with Chloe ... they were certainly questioned (I'm speaking of a different board, of course) and it seemed to be valid in that case since the "enthusiasm" dropped off rather quickly. However the enthusiasm for Ejole has not dropped off at all, in fact it has gained steam. There are Lumi fans, sure, that are rooting for EJole, and maybe some of them are doing it for the sake of keeping EJ away from Sami. I can only speak for myself, and I do not believe that EJ needs to be unavailable for Sami and LUcas to reunite. I do not feel threatened by EJ.

When EJ first joined the show, I was not a Lumi shipper. I enjoyed Lumi, but I was not really invested. I was open and even looking forward to, a triangle with Sami in the middle. I thought EJ would be a fabulous aside for Sami, while Lucas fumed and realized how much he loved and didn't want to lose her. I wanted to see a real love triangle develop. I liked EJ at first, even when it was revealed that he was a Dimera. I really liked the idea and possibilities it created. However, when they had EJ flip out on Sami when she chose to be with her son instead of continuing their make-out session on her couch, I started to like him a little less ... then there was when he held her by her throat against her wall and Lucas had to come in and get him off of her ... I was pretty much over that idea right about then ... then 12/29 happened .. and lest we forget, EJ didn't only do what he did in the car that night, he also SHOT and left for dead, John, Sami's stepfather. There was no going back, for me, after that night because of BOTH incidents cementing to me that EJ was a "bad guy", and there was no romance here.

As time went on and they tried to white wash the things that EJ did in an attempt to redeem him, and everyone in Salem seemed to forgive and forget, I accepted that EJ wasn't going anywhere, and yet they were not going to let him be "the next Stefano" either. This meant that I either had to accept him with Sami, which I wasn't going to, or I should hope that they find him another love interest with whom I could enjoy him. Well, obviously, they did bring on a new love interest for EJ, and I DID genuinely enjoy him with her. I never liked Nicole when she was on the show before, but I have come to love her now, and I love her and EJ together. The way I enjoy EJole is completely seperate from my feelings for LUMI, just as it has nothing to do with my feelings for my other favorite couples.

Whether EJ was in a relationship with Nicole or Kate, or Melanie, or Brady for crying out loud, does not matter to me in regards to LUMI, because I am a LUMI fan, I believe that they will reunite, and are meant for each other. I do not feel the need for the "competition" to be removed so that my couple can be together. Period.
:wow: I just wanted to jump in and say that I appreciate such a well thought and honest post. I'm a staunch EJami fan but I have to tell you it was refreshing to read your point of view.
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