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MCKELLY - Thank you for respecting my POV.I am sure that you have read threads from other LUMIs who feel threatened, just as I have read threads from Ejamis who were threatened first by Lucas, and now Nicole. We are not all the same, in each fan base, we all have our own reasons for liking or disliking what we do.

SocRMum1 - Thank You. :)

cjknick - Your post was not directed at me, but IMO, laziness, bad writing, poor planning, and allowing themselves to be swayed this way and that by BOTH fan bases is to blame for the holes and directionless confusion in that story.

AidanGreensFan - I was not implying that you were smearing an entire fan base. I have read multiple posts lately, not just from you, stating that TPTB "caved" to the RINR campaign and thus called it rape. IMO, this is simply untrue. I wish that I could find the spoilers, but I know that when I was posting on NBC board, it was discussed at length, in anticipation of the rape ... there was a spoiler that EJ was to rape Sami ... then Ali went on talk shows and spoke about how "this guy raped her" .... the day it happened, one of Sami's lines in the car was "so you are going to rape me?" ... very shortly after it happened, Celeste was the first to tell Sami, "he raped you!" .. this was all before, or very early into the RINR campaign. It is my belief that TPTB had intended from the getgo to make it a rape, but due to the popularity of JS, decided to gray it up a bit in order to keep him around, and keep the Ejami fan base alive, thus fanning the flames of the fan base war between the Ejamis and the Lumis.

To answer your question about accepting EJ without any real redemption, no, I do not. What I accept is that we have a really shitty head writer who cannot write depth and characterization to save her life. What I accept is that hoping for any true, deep, story of redemption, a la Jack Deveraux, is too much to ask of the current PTB. Do I think what has been put on my screen is adequate? Hell no. Do I know that I am not going to get any better, so I might as well enjoy what I can or shut off the t.v.? Yes.
So there it is.
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