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This is stupid. I still don't understand why you just can't have them leave town, especially after Kayla just got shot. Just have them have an epiphany because of her nearly dying. They decide they need some time away from Salem or a new start. Hell, even if they want to have the exit take place offscreen, they can at least have Stephanie or someone mention them leaving Salem. That way they don't have to scramble for reasons why Steve and Kayla aren't around at certain things like they did Mickey since we all know that will end up happening since SN and MBE don't have to appear. They are not contracted.

I mean, they could still have them appear down the road here and there even if they leave town. This is just stupid because now they will have to put up with the same shit they did when Mickey was "there" but not really "there."

Basically, Steve and Kayla will be in the same sort of status they have been in since September, only SN and MBE will not appear in the credits and they won't be as accessible as before.

I just think they created some unnecessary issues doing it this way rather then just sending them off somehow but whatever. Part of me thinks they went back and forth on this because they wanted to see the reaction to J&M and if the ratings would drop and, when they didn't, they just decided to go with it and decided to leave it open to soften the blow.

Thanks to the sneak previews and airdates Jason47 posted, it was clear this was their last day so I prepared myself for it. You could tell no one knew or I suspect there would've been some acknowledgment by the actors even if the writing wasn't there.
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