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Feb 17 2009, 04:19 PM
^^They didn't know for sure, but they had some hints, apparently. The last scene they actually taped was the scene from yesterday at Hope's hearing. When Steve wheels Kayla out, he says "goodbye everybody" -- that was a total SN adlib because he felt like it was going to be their last scene, and it was.
I noticed that too. In fact, I did notice alot of hints yesterday. The looks between KA and MBE, especially Hope mouthing "thank you" to Kayla. The fact that Steve and Kayla had scenes with Bo, Hope, and Roman. The only person I would've liked to see there that wasn't was Caroline and then I could've at least said that they got scenes with their family before leaving.

It's funny because when we all first heard about Steve and Kayla being involved in the Bope story in the 2009 previews, it was said by many that it may be Steve and Kayla's last hurrah and it was. It sort of was fitting in a way because all four were always tied together and I do think it set things up nicely for an exit. Too bad the show chose not to do what I suggested because I think this was the perfect setup to just have them leave town. I mean, Steve even hinted at quitting the detective business. We also got some great scenes with them and Joe two weeks ago. It was the perfect setup for an exit but they didn't go all the way with it and instead chose to leave them in limbo.
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Today (2/17) is SN/MBE's last airdate · DAYS: News, Spoilers & Discussion