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Feb 17 2009, 09:24 PM
I'm an Ejami fan because this couple is magical. That stupid night was bad writing, period, and I honestly don't think the writers knew at the time how much of a following they had, or continue to have.

About rape. Since everyone is sticking to the "morality" issue, lets not forget that pretty much everything on a soap is immoral. Sleeping together without being married, having affairs, getting married and divorced every year, lying, sheaming, deceiving .... and the list goes on.

Giving someone a choice is not rape. Forcing oneself on another is. If "giving in" is rape, or "saying no" alone is rape, then women are being raped all the time -BY THEIR HUSBANDS, and boyfriends. I know I've said no many times, didn't want to, but "gave in", so I guess I'm a rape victim myself.

Seriously, this is a soap. Thing happen that don't in real life. If we choose to watch it with all the immorality, then we should just accept a writing mistake when we see one. The writers tried to fix it in May, and honestly, I don't think they're done with this issue.
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