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This week's SOD features an interview with Ali Sweeney.

Sweeney explains that Sami wants to get back to Allie and Johnny, but at the same time, she's very upset to be leaving Grace. "It's such a Sophie's choice," Sweeney says, explaining that Sami values all of her children equally but "feels like she has to cover her tracks with the baby". Sweeney explains that while Sami really wants to get back to her kids in Salem, "she's trepidatious about what the future holds."

When we first see Sami back in Salem, she's at the door of the DiMera mansion. Nicole opens the door and "fireworks ensue", but Sami is really not interested in arguing with Nicole; she just wants to take her children and leave. As Sweeney explains, "the situation with Grace has really affected Sami. That's her primary focus, so she's less willing to engage in the petty disputes that were there in the past. She just wants to get her life settled."

Then EJ walks in, and Sami is surprised by the feelings she has. Sweeney says that "there's a lot going on under the surface" with Sami covering up a big secret, so she is happy to see EJ again, and "there's a moment that happens between them."

EJ asks Sami if she'd like to hold Sydney, which is difficult for Nicole to see, since Sami is Sydney's biological mother. Sweeney explains that Sami is "affected" by the baby, and that while on the surface it could be explained by the fact that Sami misses Grace, "they're definitely playing the connection between Sami and Sydney that comes from a mother's instinct."

Then, Sami hears that Lucas is in the hospital, so she rushes to see him. Sami is very concerned about him, but Sweeney says that though Sami and Lucas have always cared about each other, Sami "doesn't have the right to be by his side in a wifely way, so it's hard for her. She doesn't know where she stands."

Lucas asks Sami about the baby, and she lies and says the baby was stillborn. As Sweeney says, this is a "brutal" and "painful" lie, but Sami wants as few people to know as possible, and "she can't trust anyone with the secret other than Rafe."

While Sami and Lucas are talking, they have a surprise visitor - Will! Says Sweeney about Dylan Michael Patton, "He's a great kid and we had fun doing our first scenes together and filling him in on the history of Sami, Lucas and Will."
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