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This week's SOW features an interview with Kristian Alfonso.

Hope agrees to move home this week, but then Bo has a vision where he sees Hope making love to another man! "It's absurd and confusing," Alfonso says, because Hope would never betray Bo.

Before Bo's vision, he and Hope and Ciara meet in the park. Ciara says she wants to see her Daddy more, and Alfonso says the scene is "heartbreaking", because Ciara is really asking when they can go home. Bo wants to discuss things with Hope, but Hope doesn't want to have that discussion in front of Ciara.

Then Ciara goes off to play, and Bo and Hope talk. Alfonso says that "the core issue has always been Bo not trusting Hope." They discuss Bo's vision about Kayla, and Bo says he didn't know what it meant at the time. Hope doesn't think that's an excuse, because he knew what his vision about Theo meant, and that came true. Hope can't understand why Bo didn't share his vision with her. At the end of the discussion, the two have not resolved anything.

Later, Hope surprises Bo at the police station. Alfonso says that Hope comes with "some lame excuse to see Bo", but Bo "calls Hope out on missing him". Hope admits that Bo is right: "Through all this turmoil and disappointment, she has never stopped loving Bo." Hope tells Bo she'll come home, but she makes Bo promise to tell her about any other visions he has. Bo agrees. But as soon as Hope leaves the police station, Bo has another vision - he sees Hope making love to a mystery man!
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