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This week's SOD features an interview with Nadia Bjorlin, and this week's SOW features an interview with Lauren Koslow about the Chloe/Daniel story.

After the explosion, Chloe finds Lucas's body. Bjorlin explains that Chloe is thinking that if he dies, it will be her fault, and she won't be able to live with herself. So Chloe pleads with God and promises that if Lucas lives, she'll be a good wife to Lucas and a good mother to Allie and give up Daniel. At that point, Lucas comes back to life!

However, Lucas doesn't remember that Chloe is sleeping with Daniel. At the hospital, Daniel tells Chloe that Lucas is going to be ok. Bjorlin says that Chloe remembers her prayers, and she tells Daniel they're through. "He's really deeply hurt and tries to reason with her," Bjorlin says, but Chloe holds her ground and explains that her decision is because of her prayers.

Chloe and Daniel then share a farewell kiss - which is witnessed by Kate! As Koslow says, Kate's reaction is "disgust". Kate had thought that Lucas and Chloe were having normal pre-wedding jitters, so she'd encouraged Lucas to stay with Chloe. But now, as Koslow says, Kate's "going to make things right", because "she believes in punishment for actions".

Kate goes to the hospital to tell Lucas, but Kate realizes that, as Koslow says, "if she tells Lucas his fiancee is cheating with Daniel, it might send him over a cliff that he will never be able to climb back up." So Kate decides to deal with it herself.

Kate then runs into Chloe and talks to her, but Koslow explains that Kate "knows her timing has to be perfect... I have the image of a spider. Chloe and Daniel are caught in the web, but Kate hasn't wrapped them up yet."

Chloe tells Kate that she wants to be with Lucas, and Kate tells Chloe she has her support, but Kate is lying. Then, later, Kate tells Victor about her plans for revenge on Chloe, and Victor is "delighted". "[Kate] wants to get all her ducks in a row, and this is definitely her revenge."
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