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sophie's choice? blech. it's really disgusting that sami is supposed to be the heroine of this s/l and that we're supposed to buy that she's doing all of this to keep her children safe. sorry, i can't ignore sami living in stefano's mansion for months without complaint and letting his maid babysit for her. either way, comparing a woman who has to choose on the spot which of her children will be murdered is a far, far cry from 'i'm scared of my kid's grandpa.'

also, the only thing she should be feeling when she holds sydney is guilt that she's lying to a man that's a good father about the existence of her daughter. don't even get me started on that BS 'mother's instinct/i know you're my kid even though there's no way i could know it' crap. it's so over-the-top and was ineffective and cheesy the last time it was used between shawn and claire. for me, that kind of unrealistic garbage sours storylines. JMO.

the only thing i can say about the lucas lie is that i don't agree with AS's take on sami's motives. she has no reason not to trust lucas, since he has kept her entire pregnancy a secret(except for chloe overhearing, that is, and sami doesn't know about that). the only motive i can think of is that she's ashamed that she left her baby in an orphange and doesn't want lucas to know it and get angry with her. that's my take on her lie about grace's birth.

i really am trying to think of something nice to say about this interview, and the only thing i can think of is that i'm glad will is back.
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