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Viewing Single Post From: SOW: Bo's shocking new vision - Hope cheats!

Feb 18 2009, 12:19 PM
I know, I feel bad for her and PR trying to sell this storyline. That's why I feel the "absurd and confusing" line wasn't just KA giving Hope's perspective on the vision. It felt like KA's perspective on the whole storyline.

What's really sad is they could have done this storyline in a compelling way without any visions whatsoever. They could have had Hope accidently shoot Kayla and then be feeling really guilty about it. Bo tries to help her, but because he's also her boss, there is a conflict between them. And they could have written it so that Bo kind of blames Hope (even if he doesn't want to) for what happened to Kayla which creates this internal conflict for him, which Hope picks up on. That would be a realistic and character driven conflict that they had to deal with. Instead we get this contrived crap.
Well obviously Hope is not going to cheat. So there is something more to this. I think I agree with the other boards, that she just may get attacked or raped. That will be no means be contrived or dumb. That will be sad, especially if Bo can't stop it. And that will be something heavy for Bo and Hope to deal with. And we've already been told that the vision is mixed, so something else is going on here.
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