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I'm so glad this stupid witness protection program storyline is over and Sami can start interacting with the other cast members. I was growing so tired of scenes with Sami and pointless characters (Rafe, Hilda, Sister Theresa, etc.). I want to see Sami with EJ, Nicole, Lucas, Caroline, Roman, characters that actually have history with her.

I hate that they keep having Sami choosing between children. But the storyline has made it pretty much impossible for her not to look like a mother choosing children over children. I hope, in the future, the show remembers what happened, and they could really have the potential to give Sami the hell she put Marlena through years ago. Could you imagine, ten years from now (if DAYS is still on the air), a teenage Allie accusing Sami of abandoning her and not loving her as much as she loves EJ's kids. The groundworks there. Lets hope the writers use it.

And I'm not really liking Sami keeping the truth about Grace being alive from Lucas. I liked that he was the only one that knew about Sami's other baby. It brought back the whole Lucas/Sami scheming vibe that I loved in the 90s. If Sami should be able to trust anyone, it's Lucas. Rafe who?

I'm so excited for the new Will. I hope he can act and has chemistry with Sweeney and Bryan Dattilo.
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