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I would suggest that she to put down the industrial strength glitter because its obviously effecting her brain.

Industrial Strength Glitter - line of the day.

Days does need a true blue heroine, however, I don't think the character of Sami is it. I just don't see how this storyline can establish her as some self-sacrificing long suffering heroine. Just no. Sami's hands are too unclean as well as everyone else involved in that clusterfuck. We will see how it plays out, but I can't say that I am excited about this.

I am interested to see how her and the nuWill interact. If Will isn't a hellraiser that gives his mother all kinds of grief and hell and there is no animosity and a whole lot of glossing over shit - than we will all know that the Industrial Strength Glitter was not only sprinkled liberally but also fed intravenously into Sami's veins.
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