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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Feb 18 2009, 01:56 PM
Feb 18 2009, 01:40 PM
Feb 18 2009, 01:09 PM

Quoting limited to 3 levels deepinterpretationI do? I would suggest that she to put down the industrial strength glitter because its obviously effecting her brain.
"Sophie's Choice" my ass.

To Sami's knowledge what has Lucas done that should warrant her lying and saying that her little girl being dead? If Stefano is so dangerous to small children why doesn't Sami caution Nicole to take Sydney out of that house? Why does she instead tell EJ to leave Nicole? Because Sami is lying about her motivation for hiding Grace.

And yet, Alison seems to believe that Sami is justified in her lies. :flipoff:

Thanks for posting the summary Ellie!
I might not like what Alison said but I did enjoy laughing about it. It just keeps getting funnier! Sophie's Choice! *snort*
I realize I'm just wasting my time here because it's clear your hatred of the actress/character makes it impossible to comprehend what I asked you...but I'll try one more time.

Ali NEVER said she feels Sami is justified in her lie. She simply gives the interview from the point of view that she, as the actress, portrays as Sami's motivation. Right or wrong - she HAS to play what is written.

It's absolutely no different than interviewing any other actor. When do you ever hear them say they personally despise their character and can find no redeeming quality in whatever situation they are in? It's professional suicide to do so - and thus, they don't. Did you feel the same way when Ari stated that Nicole's not scheming and that she's doing the things she's done (kidnapping babies...) from a good place in her heart? They are both in ridiculous predicaments when it comes to trying to explain why their characters are doing what they do.

Are you saying actors should always give interviews from their personal opinion rather than from the character's motivation? And if that's the case - do you care more about what the ACTOR thinks - or what the CHARACTER is doing?
I understand what you asked but perhaps in your lame attempt to taunt me you forgot what you asked:

"My point is - what would you have her do?"

For the record I don't hate the actress. It is true that I find her acting to be mediocre at best and that I have contempt for her interpretations of her character's motivations. Its also true that I think that the character of Sami is a waste of airtime. IMO, if DAYS wanted a glittery new heroine they should have brought back Belle and Martha M.

Try to understand that I'm not faulting Alison for what her character is doing. I'm well aware that she isn't responsible for her character's actions.
Again, try to follow, I was ridiculing Alison for her comments about what she said about her character's actions. Specifically her comments about "Sophie's Choice".

I guess you haven't seen or read "Sophie's Choice" or you would understand my previous comments.
Hmmm...such hostility. My apologies for assuming you despise Ali Sweeney and the character she plays. Wherever did I get that from? :$

But you still didn't answer my question...
What would you have her do? Give the interview based on the actor's personal feelings or the character's perspective?

And as for this:
I guess you haven't seen or read "Sophie's Choice" or you would understand my previous comments.

Pot - meet kettle. No way am I taking that bait. ;)
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