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Feb 19 2009, 02:08 PM
Have any female characters on the show been raped (in recent years) by a random person? Just wondering. It would be an interesting twist to have Hope raped by a complete stranger (or someone who sees her and stalks her first)..vs. someone she already knows. It seems like, at least from my memory, that the characters on the show who have been raped were always attacked by another already established character...can anyone confirm? Thanks!
It wasn't totally random, as we were introduced to the character beforehand, but Stephanie was raped by a fellow student at Salem University, Ford Decker. I think they first met when they were doing some sort of bachelor auction and Stephanie's friend Cordy wanted to buy a date with him (I'm fuzzy on the details). Anyway, he turned out to be a serial rapist, and though they had a potentially interesting idea with him being introduced as a super nice guy, driving home the point that rapists can look perfectly normal and even attractive, they dropped the ball on that by making him a serial rapist who practically slobbered every time he spoke to a woman. The way he was acting before he was killed off no woman ever would have trusted him or voluntarily been alone with him for a second. And of course, Stephanie got about five minutes of emotional fallout and that was it.

So, I'm not interested in a rape storyline for Hope, or anyone else.
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